Create and test thousands of video ads at scale.

Turn your actual customers into UGC creators, powered by the latest generation of AI. Collect guided testimonials, edit them into an endless amount of trending video ad combinations, and test them across platforms — all without lifting a finger.

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Create thousands of genuine, high-performing UGC videos for testing across all major ad platforms.
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1. Collect testimonials from real customers.

Our easy-to-use interface allows customers to record testimonials in their mobile browser, no app required.

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AI-Powered Inspiration

Auto-generated scripts to help customers record powerful segments of UGC.

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Modular Segment Collection

Each segment is recorded individually, building a massive library of modular core building blocks for future videos.

2. Automated editing into trending videos.

Create every possible combination of collected video segments to be tested against each other. Want to test 50 different video hooks? Do it in seconds.

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Fully Automated Editing Using AI

With no manual editors needed, simply click a button and create endless video variations using real videos from customers.

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Trending Video Frameworks

Our team is constantly adding the latest frameworks to the platform, so you never need to guess what to create next.

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3. Test and scale every possible combination.

Find out not only what videos get the clicks, but which specific components drove that conversion.

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Test Across All Major Platforms

Create and launch testing campaigns across all major platforms, without leaving ours, to find exactly which segments perform best.

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AI-Based Optimizations

Our powerful learning model provides recommended combinations to scale, as well as how to refresh them after they fatigue.

Secure your spot for the future of creating video.

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Integrations with the tools you know and love.

We know that having third-party attribution data and tools are crucial to effectively scaling your campaigns. That said, we're actively building partnerships with the best-in-class attribution companies you're likely already using.

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